An American Success Story

Paula BabinDallas, TX—Paula Babin, owner of Court Reporters Clearinghouse and Rocky Mountain Reporting, is featured in a special online/print edition of American Success Stories, originating from the studios of KWRD the WORD 100.7 FM.  To find the original article, please click here.

Paula, you had a father who was a role model for you in business.
“My dad really cared about his clients and it wasn’t just because he earned a professional fee as a CPA. He took their best interests to heart and was genuinely interested in the successes of his clients. They benefited from it and it gave him a great sense of personal satisfaction. “

An apple falls close to the tree

How has that carried over to you in your own business? 
“The very nature of our business is all about helping others be more successful, but for me at a personal level, all of life is about helping people—regardless of generating a profit.  Some life traits just stick with you because you have observed them for so long at such close range.”

“My dad grew up on a farm. He worked hard all his life and became a CPA after the war.  His business was just an extension of who he was.  He cared about people because that’s just the way he was shaped by his own life experiences.  Things he did were satisfying to him because he enjoyed making a difference in the lives of other people.  I want to be that way.”

 How do you actually find yourself implementing these principles? 
“Court Reporters struggle to balance their work and home life. When I worked at a law firm, I saw it. When I managed a court reporting firm, I saw it in even more graphic detail. If you can imagine someone trying to do ten things at once, you are standing in front of a court reporter.”

“So, our company is based on freeing them up to do what they do best: writing and growing their own businesses—while having some balance in their personal lives, too.”

“But it takes trust for busy court reporters to let go of even a small part of their businesses. Over the course of 15 years, we have tried to earn that trust by demonstrating the accuracy, dependability, thoroughness and real care that convinces them it is more profitable for them to let us help them carry what is a heavy, back-end load.”

Life is for doing more than paperwork.

What can clients expect from you? 
“When the time is right, a court reporter will entertain the idea of allowing us to ease her load. This can be a time of mixed feelings: relinquishing some control, wondering how competent we are, whether we will perform to expectations, all the things anyone would feel during a time of accelerating the growth of a business.

“We have been through this process hundreds of times and know that clients want results—not excuses. That’s why we have adopted the attitude through the years that we exist to help our clients succeed—even more than they thought they would.

“Our clients expect to win. We expect to help them win by allowing them to generate greater margins of profit!”

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