The Benefits of a Sabbatical for a Freelance Court Reporter

Sabbaticals, once reserved for academia, are now considered an important part of the benefits package for about a quarter of the 2012 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For. Many companies are realizing the benefits of time off –either for personal or professional development– far outweigh the risks and are finding that people return with a fresh outlook and a boost in productivity.

Court Reporting Agency Owners Afraid To Step Away

Most people start their own businesses because of the freedom they anticipate will result – the freedom to determine when they work and when they take time off. Once their businesses becomes successful, many feel it can’t survive without them. A Staples poll found it was difficult for 37% of business owners to remember when they last had a vacation. American Express recently surveyed business owners and found that half of them worried they’d lose a major client if they took a vacation.

How A Sabbatical Can Help

It’s no surprise that thinking about a sabbatical seems even less doable to the owner of a court reporting agency than a vacation. However, time away allows a clarity to return that reignites the passion they once had for their business. When they return they are more apt to apply new ideas and are ready for new opportunities. Many find they can do a lot more for their business when they’re not “in” their business and that delegating responsibilities becomes far easier once they spend time away. A study from TSNE and CompassPoint found that a sabbatical that’s well planned has significant positive effects on an organization as a second tier of leadership assumes more responsibility. Linda Manassee Buell, owner of coaching firm Simplify Life, encourages clients to take time away and suggests small business owners who feel their business can’t survive without them need to ask themselves two questions. First, what is it that they control that they can’t let go of and second, whether they’ve created a culture within their business in which everything must either get channeled through them or originate from them. The process of letting go is healthy; it benefits both the business and the business owner.



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