Time Is Money – Find a Good Scopist

Happy Relaxed Court ReporterA good scopist is a court reporter’s best friend

By assisting court reporters, a scopist helps to ensure the accuracy of the reporter’s work product and saves court reporters time in the production of final transcripts. A scopist helps court reporters maintain their personal dictionaries and during busy periods, can ensure court reporters produce transcripts on time.

The Scopist’s Job

A scopist’s job begins with a court reporter’s Computer Aided Transcription (CAT) translation in English text. Once the scopist receives the translation, his or her job is to minimize the need for corrections to the final transcript. Working with accompanying audio tapes, supporting documents and exhibits, the scopist produces the cleanest possible transcript before returning it to the court reporter.

How A Scopist Helps

To help streamline the production of final transcripts, a scopist helps maintain court reporters’ personal dictionaries for them. The scopist adds new names, new terms, and makes global entries to the reporter’s dictionary. As a scopist edits a transcript, incorrect strokes are replaced with correct ones. If a transcript contains typos, the scopist corrects them. This process expedites a court reporter’s workflow, making them more efficient.

A good scopist is fluent in machine shorthand. To produce the cleanest possible transcript, the scopist marks or flags names and terms that cannot be looked up for the court reporter to quickly resolve. When the process is complete, the court reporter’s transcript is ready for final proofreading.

How To Find A Scopist

A scopist is often used by court reporters when increases in work put them at risk of falling behind schedule. The Internet allows a scopist to work from anywhere and many work from home offices. A scopist may also work for court reporting firms, individual court reporters, or do freelance work. Finding a scopist can be a challenge, but here are some sources for finding a good scopist.

JoyfulScoping.com provides a service for court reporters looking for scopists and uses this form. Scopist are required to successfully complete the Scoping Made Affordable Examination.

ReporterSupport.com and sister site Mazco.org provide services to help court reporters quickly find a scopist. Mazco has scopists that use Aristocat, Case Catalyst, Cheetah/Turbocat/Smartcat, Digital Cat, Eclipse, Maestro, Oz, Premier Power, ProCat, StenoCat, XEC-5 and Xscribe.

Scopists.com provides a free list of over 500 scopists by state and city and includes the scopist’s training, experience, and equipment in their Looking for a Scopist section.

Stenograph.com provides over 200 listings in their Scopists section. Listings are given by state.

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