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Welcome to our updated CRC National website and our very first blog. You are probably thinking what I was thinking when I contemplated writing this. Another blog? Who needs it? Well, I was surprised to find out that 1/5 of all the new information being published on the Internet is through blogs.

It seems that everyone is a writer or an “expert” these days. Over the past 20 years, what I’ve learned about court reporting is that our collective wisdom is so much greater than the sum of its parts. Even the most seasoned reporter might have a question that another reporter can help with.

Additionally, time is our most precious commodity. We all already deal with information overload and the constant contact of emails, IMs, Facebook, LinkedIn and cell phones. So we will try to make our CRC postings concise and valuable enough to be worthy of your time.

Those of you who already know us at CRC, know that we are that court reporting firm who has no attorney clients. We don’t provide court reporting services, but instead we provide comprehensive support services for independent court reporters. Different? Yes, but we love our niche – and that is taking care of independent freelance court reporters. That’s all we do.

A Community for Independent Court Reporters

Independent court reporters who work on their own rarely get to spend time with other reporters, comparing notes, asking questions, getting feedback. Sometimes we just need to connect with others who understand this unique profession. Our goal here will be to share ideas, information and links that might help you – the super busy, stressed out, independent freelance court reporter – provide better court reporting services to your clients.

Knowledge is everything. Sharing knowledge that we learn along the way in a quick and easy interactive platform. We hope to become a resource in the weeks and months ahead to help you provide better litigation support to your attorney clients.

We don’t propose to have all the answers but we have a wonderful client-base of independent court reporters that might have had a similar experience or already solved a similar problem. So let’s share and learn together.

New Court Reporting Technology

Some of our realtime reporter clients started using a new Internet streaming service a few months back and the experience has been great. Check out www.livedeposition.com. What we like about this new service is – when we stream the realtime, remote attendees can see the realtime and hear the audio without video being required. LiveNote streaming doesn’t offer audio unless video is being streamed too.

Cool App for Court Reporters

Do you need an easy way to keep track of the time used by each attorney? Check out this $2.99 app called Chronology – Timer available through the Apple App store. It lets you run and view multiple timers simultaneous.

Paula Babin

CRC National

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