Advantages of Working With CRC National

    Your reporting skills are your most valuable asset! CRC National provides full back office support so you can maximize your reporting time and maintain a healthy work-life balance:

  • Wondering when you’ll be paid? CRC pays you on bill out. You’ll receive bi-weekly paychecks, deposited directly to your bank account.
  • Let us handle that mountain of paperwork for you. We guarantee worry-free transcript and exhibit production.
  • Build your own brand. We print all copies and provide production supplies at no cost to you—covers, letterhead, shipping labels, CDs—all in your company name.
  • CRC provides a dedicated phone line for your clients. We answer your calls in your own company name, with real people who know the business.
  • Manage your schedule with our secure online calendar. We’ll confirm appointments and even cover jobs when you aren’t available.
  • CRC prepares invoices at your specific page rates and even handles regular monthly reminders and collection calls.
  • Save money! CRC’s support services offer a cost-effective alternative to hiring and managing your own staff.
  • Learn how to build your business with customized marketing materials and training seminars.

“I was just thinking on my way home today that I am really enjoying this! I like having people who can sort through the state contracts and take on that billing and do it accurately. I like being able to feel like I actually have my life back, in a sense.”
Lorrie A. Schnoor
Kennedy Reporting Service, Inc.

Increase your pay and work-life balance.You can build your own court reporting business with CRC National.

With offices in Austin, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Denver, and Houston, we’re here to serve you.

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