Whether you are a solo independent court reporter with a handful of clients, or you work for a bigger agency and want to move out on your own, see what CRC National can do for you.


CRC National clients see a 20% increase in their take-home pay and a 40% increase in job satisfaction.

Your reporting skills are your most valuable asset. Let CRC National maximize your reporting time and help you deliver exceptional service.

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We understand the demands of your profession and offer these time-saving services:

  • Professional offices with conference rooms
  • Online calendar and scheduling
  • Full production services: transcripts, exhibits, and more
  • Customized marketing materials to promote your business. We will help you design a logo, business cards, letterhead, and website that reflect your company brand
  • Billing and collections support
  • A dedicated phone line and secretarial support to handle your calls


Court reporters who operate your own firm can benefit from our:

  • Cost effective alternatives to hiring and managing your own staff
  • Full back-office support to cover all your administrative needs
  • Transition planning to simplify, downsize, or sell your firm
  • Eliminate expensive leases for office space and copiers


We provide solutions for your attorney clients so you can compete with even the biggest court reporting firms and provide the same professionalism and high-tech services. Services include:

  • Exhibits – OCR-scanned and hyperlinked
  • Conference rooms for meetings and depositions
  • Conference calling and videography
  • Real-time Internet access
  • Easy scheduling with our online calendar
  • A web repository to back up valuable files
  • Nationwide coverage

“I was just thinking on my way home today that I am really enjoying this! I like having people who can sort through the state contracts and take on that billing and do it accurately. I like being able to feel like I actually have my life back, in a sense.”


Your reporting skills are your most valuable asset!

CRC National provides full back-office support so you can maximize your reporting time and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

  • Wondering when you’ll be paid? CRC pays you on bill out. You will receive weekly paychecks, deposited directly to your bank account.

  • Let us handle that mountain of paperwork for you. We guarantee worry-free transcript and exhibit production.
  • Build your own brand. We print all copies and provide production supplies at no cost to you—covers, letterhead, shipping labels, CDs—all in your company name.
  • CRC provides a dedicated phone line for your clients. We answer your calls in your own company name, with real people who know the business.
  • Manage your schedule with our secure online calendar. We will confirm appointments and even cover jobs when you are unavailable.

  • CRC prepares invoices at your specific page rates and even handles regular monthly reminders and collection calls.
  • Save money! CRC’s support services offer a cost-effective alternative to hiring and managing your own staff.
  • Learn how to build your business with customized marketing materials and training seminars.