When court reporters team up with CRC as their back-office support, they can quickly see our company’s purpose in action. Our business model is, “let’s do everything we can to take care of the reporter.” That is what our team at CRC has been doing since we opened our doors in 1997. CRC remains behind-the-scenes and enables reporters to grow their own firms and their own brand.

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Court reporters are the ultimate multi-taskers. I saw it when I worked at a law firm… and I really saw it when I managed a court reporting firm. Our company is based on freeing court reporters to focus on their most valuable asset — reporting skills. We provide full back office support so you can maximize your reporting time and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

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Since 1997, CRC National has enabled more than 200 independent and freelance court reporters and videographers to realize their dream of owning their own business by providing the support services they need to operate efficiently.

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Over the last 20 years, we have earned the trust of court reporters by demonstrating the accuracy, dependability, thoroughness and care that convinces them it is more profitable to let us help them carry what is a heavy, back-end workload.

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I only have a couple of attorney clients, so am I too small to be a CRC client?2018-04-18T15:37:10+00:00

It doesn’t matter to us if you have one or two clients. With CRC helping you manage your back office, you may gain more clients over time since we can offer most services your attorneys might want but that would be expensive for you to provide on your own.

I heard you pay 80% to the reporter, is that accurate?2018-04-18T15:37:37+00:00

Yes, we pay the reporters 80% on bill-out for all jobs they report for their own clients. If you are unavailable, we can use another reporter of your choice and pay them 70% on bill-out; you would receive the difference – 10% in the form of a commission.

When do I get paid?2018-03-24T15:50:42+00:00

We pay all reporters and videographers every Friday. We have cut-off every Wednesday. That’s one of the most popular features reporters LOVE about working with CRC. They know exactly when they will get paid – and we can set it up for direct deposit straight to your checking account.

What is your page rate?2018-03-24T15:51:17+00:00

Each of our reporter sets his or her own page rates. We can provide some guidelines if you are unsure.

I have a friend who I want to take my jobs when I’m not available. Is that okay?2018-03-24T15:51:56+00:00

Great! We love using the same reporters that you would use. We pay them every Friday too.

Do you have extra jobs you can offer to me?2018-03-24T15:52:28+00:00

Yes, we can certainly offer you extra jobs to help fill your calendar. We pay 70% on bill out for any overflow jobs you take for our other CRC reporter clients.

I don’t have a logo. Can you help me?2018-03-24T15:53:10+00:00

We are happy to create a logo for you. Give us about a week for some ideas and then we will send to you for your approval.

I have a friend who is my videographer. How would that work?2018-03-24T15:54:17+00:00

Does your videographer give you a referral commission or put your company name on the video? If the videographer sends the video to CRC, we can pay him/her on bill-out so your attorneys will receive an invoice from the same place and we can brand your company name on the video too. You would also receive 10% commission for all the video orders.

How does CRC know when a notice comes in from one of my clients so you can guarantee I know about the job?2018-04-18T15:39:47+00:00

We look at the notice to see who is listed as the reporter since most of the time that information is part of the notice or on the cover sheet. Very rarely are we unable to identify the appropriate reporter. In that random case, we would call the law firm and ask how they “heard about us” or which reporter they want to schedule. We also identify your clients in our ReporterBase 8 (RB) database as your clients, so there is a history of your personal clients.

How do I know CRC won’t find out who my clients are and then market to them?2018-03-24T15:55:37+00:00

Our clients are court reporters. We market our company exclusively as a back-office service for independent freelance reporters.

Can you help me market my company?2018-04-18T15:40:11+00:00

Yes, we can provide you with a logo, business cards, and an e-brochure to help you grow your own brand. Plus, all your transcripts have your company name on the cover, which is our primary method of helping you market.

“I love my office staff at CRC. They are a highly ethical group, and my clients are always handled properly and professionally. Even though I live and work in Wyoming and I use the CRC Denver office, my Wyoming clients don’t even notice. Kathy in the Denver office answers my calls just like she was sitting here with me in Wyoming. With CRC, payday is every Friday, so I don’t have to wait for the attorneys to pay!”


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