What makes someone a successful business-oriented court reporter? Many agree that successful people have their priorities, maintain healthy daily living habits, and stay on track and organized. How does this relate to your court reporting career? In this blog, we will cover a few habits that will allow you to confidently take pride in your work as a court reporter and present your best-self each day.

Appearance goes a long way.

That old saying, “When you dress good, you feel good” rings true here. Whether you are prepping for a meeting or entering a conference or courtroom, maintaining a professional dress code means you will make your entrance poised, confident, and prepared. Dress in a way that enhances your personal style and feels good to you. When you feel like yourself in professional clothing, you can commit fully to your work and feel great while doing so.

Show up prepared.

Preparedness relates to many things and enhances many areas of your career. Whether it is ensuring you have all of your equipment charged or making sure you have healthy snacks ready for a long day, when you show up prepared, you ultimately will feel more at ease as you accomplish your professional responsibilities. Try doing as many things possible the night before work to prepare and make the mornings stress-free. For example, you can prepare your lunch or snacks ahead of time so they are ready to grab as you head out the door.

Unplug to plug-in.

Distractions are detrimental to your success and when you minimize them, you can maximize your success. When at work, unplug yourself from your phone. Leave it in your bag or turn it off to lessen the urge to check-out. When at home for the day, give yourself that time to completely unplug and unwind the ‘old-fashioned’ way, such as reading, going for a walk, taking a bath, or mindfully cooking dinner with your loved ones. Limiting distractions will help heighten your keen sense of awareness and adept listening skills – so crucial for court reporters.

Stay on top of emails.

Maintaining an organized inbox daily can provide relief, contentedness, and confidence. Knowing you are on top of your emails can give you a feeling of having it together and enable you to devote your time to other tasks in a timely matter. Take some time at least once a week to organize, prioritize, respond to, and delete pertinent emails. Your future self will thank you when you’re not drowning in emails while trying to meet your professional and personal goals and deadlines.

Court reporters have to maintain an air of diplomatic assuredness and confidence both in and out of the courtrooms and conference room depositions. With these tips, we hope you are able to find your stride and achieve success as you move farther down your successful and satisfying career path.

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