A court reporter’s day often requires extreme focus when handling sensitive and/or complicated depositions. Throughout the day, focus can wane and the mid-afternoon slump may be inevitable. This common slump in energy results in lack of focus, memory, and can often affect mood and motivation. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to maintain momentum and focus all day long, simply by nourishing your body with the focus-boosting foods it needs. Try these pick-me-up foods to keep energy high and concentration focused all day through any task.


Avocados are more than just a healthy fat that contains the highest percentage of protein and lowest sugar content of any fruit. Avocados also tout major improvement to cognitive function – which provides the enhanced ability to focus and remember important details. Try slicing up an avocado on a fresh bed of greens for an extra dose of nourishment or layer slices on a piece of toasted bread topped with fresh mint and Himalayan salt for a vibrant and refreshing focus-boosting snack.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is a common kitchen staple, and for good reason. Including generous amounts of EVOO into your diet is thought to improve memory, enhance learning ability, and help protect against ADDLs, the toxic protein that is thought to induce Alzheimer’s.


Apples are one of the leading sources of quercetin, the antioxidant plant chemical responsible for ensuring mental stamina and focus by protecting your brain cells from free radical attacks. To consume the most quercetin from this simple fruit, eat apples with the skin intact to soak up the most benefits. Your to-do list will thank you!


Blackberries help our brains process new information by ‘feeding’ our brain cells and improving communication between those cells via antioxidants. Blackberries contain high levels of an antioxidant called polyphenols that aid in decreasing inflammation and heightened communication between neurons. This powerful antioxidant found in blackberries can also aid in our ability to understand and remember new information, which is always useful on a stressful day as a busy court reporter.

Concord Grape Juice

Like blackberries, Concord grape juice contains polyphenols – an antioxidant that can improve the communication between brain cells and help you focus. Consuming these heart-healthy antioxidants leads to heighted focus and productivity. Plus, this drink will keep you hydrated, which is important for every bodily function – including memory and focus.

Dark Chocolate

While we’re focusing on polyphenols and improved focus, dark chocolate also contains this brain-loving antioxidant and can enhance blood flow to the brain, thus improving cognitive functions. Dark Chocolate can also lower blood pressure, which will help keep the mind sharp and stress levels low. Aim to eat about one-third of an ounce of dark chocolate per day to reap the concentration benefits and take charge of your day, one sweet bite at a time.
No matter how crazy your day gets, you don’t have to succumb to dragging yourself through in a slump of zero-focus. Simply try to pack some of these healthy foods into your lunch bag for the day and spend a little bit of time becoming more creative with each brain-boosting ingredient. Try combining each ingredient into one whole snack of their own. By combining these ingredients into one concentration-enhancing recipe, you can pack a motivational punch into one simple snack and enjoy the numerous benefits it provides.

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