We Are The Court Reporter’s Solution

Since 1997, CRC National has enabled more than 200 independent and freelance court reporters and videographers to realize their dream of owning their own business by providing the support services they need to operate efficiently.

Founder Paula Babin, describes what motivated her to start the business:

Court Reporters struggle to balance their work and home life. When I worked at a law firm, I saw it. When I managed a court reporting firm, I saw it in even more graphic detail. If you can imagine someone trying to do ten things at once, you are standing in front of a court reporter.

Our company is based on freeing court reporters up to do what they do best—writing and growing their own businesses—while having some balance in their personal lives, too.

I love my office staff at CRC. They are a highly ethical group to work with. My clients are always handled properly and professionally. Even though I live and work in Wyoming and I use the CRC Denver office, my Wyoming clients don’t even notice. Kathy in the Denver office answers my calls just like she was sitting here with me in Wyoming. And my favorite part of CRC is pay day is every other Friday and I don’t have to wait for the attorneys to pay!
Regina “Gina” Chavez, CSR
Indelible Impressions Wyo, Inc.

Over the last 16 years, we have earned more than 200 court reporters’ trust by demonstrating the accuracy, dependability, thoroughness, and care that convinces them it is more profitable to let us help them carry what is a heavy, back-end load.

We’ve been through this process hundreds of times and know that clients want results—not excuses. That’s why we exist—to help our clients succeed—even more than they thought they would.

Give us a call at 877-732-1805. We look forward to helping you succeed!