Welcome to Court Reporters Clearinghouse (CRC National). We provide you the support you need to grow your court reporting business or to propel your firm to impressive levels. We aim to take the stress and back office work off your plate so you can focus on the task at hand; embodying the best version of your career and self.

CRC works with independent court reporters and small firms to empower hardworking and driven individuals to build and grow – all while maintaining a healthy sense of work-life balance. We provide expert assistance, whether that is in the form of answering your phone calls (in your company name if you prefer), maintaining your calendar, all aspects of production, and billing services. We even pay our reporters weekly, ensuring you earn what you deserve in a timely manner. When you work with CRC, you can efficiently manage your time while enjoying the ease that comes with knowing you have professional support behind every step you make in your business. We lead by example with our mission statement, “CRC empowers court reporters to own and operate their own firms”.

At the heart of what we do at CRC lies our values, which we live and work by every day. Integrity is our foundation. We are empowered when you are successful, and practice Excellence in everything we do. We are always open to new learning and growth opportunities with our Commitment to continuous improvement. Finally, we adhere to the belief of treating others with the Respect they deserve.

CRC currently has offices in Arizona, Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, and Houston – all of which provide conference rooms for your depositions. We look forward to helping you grow your business and become partners in your success. Please stop by our website again for our monthly blogs and connect with us on social media.