We have all heard how important it is to live balanced lives. What does that mean? For most of us it means having enough time to take care of the things we must do (such as our jobs) but still have time left over for things we want to do (such as family, friends and taking care of ourselves).

If you are finding it more challenging than ever to juggle the demands of your court reporting career with the rest of your life, you are not alone. Our lives have become so fast-paced and our smart devices keep us “connected” so that we are always on call with just the beep of a new email or the chirp of a new text.

Court reporters pursue one of the most stressful careers. They are routinely surprised at depositions to discover that a short job will last all day. And we all know how attorneys decide at the last minute they want a rough draft or final transcript on a rush basis. Have you ever received the Friday afternoon “surprise” when you are leaving town on a family trip that your transcript is urgently needed because the attorney is going to trial on Monday morning? The constant juggling of work needs with family/life needs can quickly cause a court reporter’s life to be out of balance.

When a court reporter teams up with CRC as their back-office team, they can quickly see our company’s purpose in action. Our business model is: We do everything we can to take care of the court reporter. And that’s what our team at CRC has been doing ever since we opened our doors in 1997.


Court reporters want to grow their own firms and their own brand name. CRC is not another reporter-owned firm. We are a back office designed specifically for court reporters so they can keep and grow their own clients. CRC remains “behind the scenes” and represents you and your firm starting with the calendar all the way through production and billing. With CRC you can grow your own firm and your own brand and never have to worry about losing clients.

Court reporters that have their own clients or “book of business” need a professional office address, a professional and competent office staff, and the latest technology to stay competitive with other larger reporting firms. Many reporters try to do everything themselves – report, cover their extra jobs, produce their jobs, bill and collect. This creates countless hours of office work that can be the least efficient use of a court reporter’s time and skill plus be the highest source of stress in a court reporter’s life – especially if they are trying to juggle children and a family. CRC provides everything a court reporter needs “behind the scenes” to help you manage and grow your own firm without having to spend money on office leases, copiers, supplies, or hiring and training employees. CRC provides a complete office solution with no contracts or fees charged to the reporters.

Court reporters need and deserve the reliance of consistent paydays. CRC pays all reporters on bill-out every Friday. Many court reporting firms do not pay reporters until the attorneys pay their invoices, which can be months later or sometimes never. CRC deposits your pay into your bank account every Friday.

CRC’s core values, purpose for existing, and promise to our clients are directed towards creating and supporting Work + Life BALANCE.