Court reporters who don’t use latest technologies can lose out on great opportunities. If you are starting a court reporting business you should invest in high-tech services that will help you to work productively. Similarly, if you are a freelance court reporter, you should use advanced technologies to provide cost-effective and high quality reporting services. However, with the backing of CRC National, you need not worry about investing in high-end services on your own. We offer every possible solution for you and your clients. This will allow you to benefit from a high level of professionalism and advanced services, without the need to put forth a large amount of your own capital.

Exhibits – OCR scanned and Hyperlinked
Whether your exhibit is large or small, document scanning and exhibit management services can be provided by court reporting support agencies. The paper exhibits are OCR scanned so that they are rendered searchable. For safety, these OCR’d exhibits are uploaded to our secure document repository.

Conference rooms with all facilities
When your career begins as a court reporter, you probably wouldn’t be in a position to invest in high-tech facilities, like conference rooms for meetings, on your own. By obtaining the services of court reporting agencies you can use their conference rooms for important depositions and meetings. They will arrange everything required to conduct such meetings.

Conference calling and videography
Conference calling and videography can make a huge difference in how clients view your ability to render them the services they need. With these advanced technologies, you can compete with the biggest players in the industry. Court reporter support agencies know exactly how to win new businesses for you. They also provide Real-time Internet access so that you will be connected to your clients at all times, and so that you may run video conferencing whenever it is needed.

Easy scheduling with an online calendar
With the online scheduler, court reporters need not worry about hiring staff to manage bookings. The easy to use online scheduler does that for you. This will help you keep track of your bookings and generate new business, without having to worry about missing appointments or meetings.

A web repository to back up valuable files
In today’s competitive and ever-changing environment, a web repository to back up valuable files is very important. Some court reporting support firms provide this service, an CRC national is one of them.

CRC National gives you the comprehensive court reporter support services you will need to take your business to the next level. Call 877-732-1805 today to find out how you can further your career with our extensive service offerings!